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Postby allennp » Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:37 pm is a private website with 3 components: Main, (this) News and Views Forum, and the Encyclopedia Da Papapetrou Wiki.
You can only view and edit some components pages after you have joined our Ohana (family and friends).

    Visitors are signed in as a Visitor
    Joined members can view some additional content
News & Views Forum:
    Visitors can only view content
    Joined members can view and respond to additional content
    Joined members can create new content
Encyclopedia Da Papapetrou Wiki
    Visitors can only view the main page
    Joined members can view and edit additional content
Intent of Each Component:
    Main - Currently, 20181015, only the administer (me) can edit or add content.
    Forum - Typically current information which may have a short life
    Wiki - Information which is more stable and slowly changes, like an encyclopedia

Visitor Priviledges:
Visitor can view this content. However, mouse over the Visitor menu and select Sign In...

Sign In:
After you've Joined you can then Sign in as member. In this case I signed in as Allen Papapetrou..

Signed In:
After you've signed in you can access additional information such as the Projects menu..

Joining Us:
Joining requires your:

First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Avatar image, Email address, Phone Number

For example using me:

Allen, Papapetrou, gap, Image,, 808-555-5555
Your Nickname will be the first name you provide unless you provide a different one.

The avatar will default to Image unless you provide one. The image you provide should be 160x160px in jpeg or png format.

Email your info to; Subject: Joining Papapetrou.US family. When I call your phone, I will ask you what you want as your password. You will use your Name and password to log into all components. For example:

First Name - Jane, Last Name - Smitherines will use the Name "Jane Smitherines" to log in.

Enjoy.. :D

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